Seed Tube Feeders

Easy to Enjoy, Easy to Clean Bird Feeders

Our Quick-Clean® Seed Tube Feeders are the absolute easiest to clean feeders on the market. A quick press of two buttons and the base pops off for easy access. It attracts birds such as finches, nuthatches, chickadees and woodpeckers and comes with a lifetime guarantee that includes raccoon and squirrel damage. We also offer a variety of accessories including trays and weather guards.


Two perches

Capacity: ¾ qt

 Small Seed Tube


Four perches

Capacity: 1¼ qts

 Medium Seed Tube

Six perches

Capacity: 1¾ qts

 Large Seed Tube


Extra Large
Six perches

Capacity: 3 1/2 qts

 XL Seed Tube