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Nature Happenings

  • Project FeederWatch continues, www.birds.cornell.edu/pfw
  • Coldest month of the year. Keep your bird bath open with a deicer.
  • Give woodpeckers, nuthatches, bushtits and chickadees the calories they need by providing suet.
  • Look for over-wintering Yellow-rumped Warblers at your water source and suet feeders.
  • Large raptors begin nesting late in the month.
  • The goldfinch population peaks; keep your feeders full.
  • Downy Woodpeckers are drumming and drilling.
  • First Anna's Hummingbirds fledge; keep feeders full and clean.
  • Great Blue and other herons and egrets begin nesting.
  • It's an excellent month to watch birds along the coast and in coastal estuaries.
  • Adult Heerman's Gulls leave for Mexico (reverse migration).
  • Morro Bay Birding Festival
  • Bald Eagles are present in the local mountains.
  • Aldo Leopold's (Father of Wildlife Conservation) birthday Jan. 11
  • Quadrantid Meteor Shower early in the month. See up to 60 falling meteors per hour!