How to Attract Warblers


What are Warblers?


 Warblers are small birds that are usually drab but can be brighter in color that are known for their warbling melodic songs.  They occur throughout the year in Southern California. While a few do breed locally, Most pass through the area during the Spring and Summer. A couple of Warblers spend their Fall and Winters in  Southern California.

Warblers can often be found making their way through bushes and trees in search of small insects to eat. On occasion they will eat small fruits plus sunflower seeds when necessary and sometimes flower nectar. Warblers are occasionally seed drinking at Hummingbird Feeders. 


Who are our Fall Warblers?


 Yellow--rumped Warbler 

Two subspecies are local - One with a yellow throat (Audubon) and one with white throat (Myrtle) 


Orange Crowned Warbler


Townsends Warbler



How to attract Fall Warblers


Live Mealworms

Entice warblers to your back yard by offering live mealworms. You might even get visits of Ruby-Crowned Kinglets, or even Western Bluebirds at your feeder


 Try offering Suet (rendered beef fat with grains)  in Cylinder or Bark Butter Form. Here at the store we have Yellow-rumped Warblers visiting our suet feeders during the Fall and Winter months



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