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California Native Plant Society


Native Plant Gardening for birds in Southern California

Berries for Birds 

Hummingbird Gardening,a%201'%20tall%20mounding%20groundcover.

California Native Hummingbird Plants




How to make your yard bird friendly

Native Plants Database (by zip code)


Las Pilitas Native Plant Nursery


A List of plants that naturally attract California birds to your Garden

How to create a Hummingbird Garden in California 

Western Bluebird (plants)


Green Thumb Nursery


 Creating a Vibrant Southern California Hummingbird Garden


Summer Winds Nursery California


Discover which plants attract Hummingbirds


Theodore Payne Foundation


Plants that provide Berries, Fruits & Seeds


National Wildlife Federation


Seeds & Berries




Environmentally Responsible Landscaping for Bluebirds and other birds