WE CANNOT TAKE IN BIRDS AT THE STORE but will gladly direct you to a local licensed rehabber


Local Bird Rehabbers

 Please Note: Many of these rehabbers rely on donations to fund their rescue operations. Please consider making a donation if you should find yourself in need of their assistance. Donations are not required but is greatly appreciated. Thank You!

Most rehabilitators do not provide services to pick up wildlife. They rely on you to get these animals to them. Most work out of their homes and are not on call 24 hours a day. Be courteous and mindful of this when you are calling for their assistance. Never drop off animals at a location, unless you are instructed to do so. Wildlife rehabilitators often volunteer their time and efforts to this chosen profession, but have lives outside of it as well. Please respect their capabilities, as rehabilitators often specialize in certain species of wildlife and establish limits on the number of animals they can accept and properly care for.


Sunshine Haven - Riverside, CA



All Gods Creatures - Chino Hills, CA



California Department of Fish & Wildlife - Wildlife Rehabilitation Facilities





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Found a baby bird



Bird Collided with a window