Offer Suet


What is Suet and why is it so special?

  •  Suet is a high energy & high calorie easily digestible food
  •  Made from rendered beef fat mixed with grains to reduce melting
  •  Ready to feed year around in the Southern California Temperatures.
  •  Attracts more birds than offering seed alone


When is the best time to offer Suet?

Fall and Winter are the ideal times to offer suet as it offers the birds extra calories and fat for the cooler seasons. 

Early Spring during nesting season

Higher elevations can offer suet year round

In Some back yards suet products are welcomed year round 


Who will eat it?

Suet is attractive to insect-eating, nut-eating and omnivorous birds such as wrens, woodpeckers and Jays.


Local Birds known to eat Suet


     Woodpeckers, Sapsuckers & Flickers


     Chickadees, Nuthatches & Kinglets

     Warblers & Bushtits

     White Crowned Sparrows

     Sometimes Orioles and Bluebirds


Some Common Backyard Species may take an interest as well

     House Finch, House Sparrow, Northern Mockingbird


How can I offer It?

Suet comes in several different types, shapes and sizes. 

Traditional Suet Cakes (for regular suet feeders)


Spreadable Bark Butter (can be spread on tree trunks, seed cylinders, or suet specific feeders)


Cylinder & Stackable (for use on cylinder style feeders)


Suet Plugs (for use in speciality suet plug feeders)


Bite Sized Nuggets (loose or mixed into a seed cylinder or seed blend)



How quickly will will they find it?

Sometimes it takes birds a little time to view suet as food. 

To make suet more attractive to your birds

  • Press loose seed into it
  • Make some light scratches into it so it looks worked on
  • Place in in a location where your target species frequently visits
  • Offer it already mixed in seed blends or cylinders for your everyday birds to find it quicker

Some birds (wrens) may find it fairly quickly while with others (woodpeckers) it may take some time.

Activity at suet feeders is generally slower than at seed feeders initially until the birds find it


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