Seed Cylinders

Seed Cylinders consist of seed, nuts, dried fruit, suet and dried mealworms held together by gelatin in easy to manage log forms.  They are quick and easy to refill and attract a variety of birds than just loose seed alone. The cylinder form provides a convenient and long-lasting way to feed your backyard birds. 


Pick Your Flavor


 Our Cylinders come in a variety of different flavors. The Cranberry cylinder is a great flavor to get started in your backyard, or you can try out popular No Mess Blend in Cylinder form. Fall and Winter are a great time to offer the Winter Blend Seed Cylinder (middle image) as it contains both seed and suet to help birds in the cooler weather. 

Add Some Character



 Our Seed Cylinders also come in fun animal shapes to add some fun to your yard. 100% edible and made completely of seed and nuts

Add Some Spice



Thwart those pesky Squirrels with Hot Pepper No-Mess and Hot Cranberry Seed Cylinders. Hot pepper doesn't bother the birds like it bothers the Squirrels. 


And Mix It Up!



Mix it up with some stackables, mini cylinders that can be mixed and matched to offer a greater variety and entice more birds to your yard.