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Seed Cylinder Feeder

WBU Seed Cylinder Bird Feeders: Unique bird food requires a unique bird feeder. Our WBU Seed Cylinder Bird Feeders are the perfect blend of creative design and bird feeding functionality. Whether you want to attract clinging birds such as woodpeckers or perching birds like chickadees, these feeders will accommodate a variety of birds and their eating preferences. They're easy to fill and are capable of housing our small (2 lbs.) or large (4.5 lbs.) Seed Cylinders, Stackables™ and No-Melt Suet Dough Cylinders.  This sleek feeder comes with either a red or green roof. 

 Seed Cylinder Feeder


Tidy Cylinder Feeder

Featuring a tray that reduces the amount of uneaten seed debris that falls to the ground, our Tidy Cylinder Feeder makes offering seed cylinders easy. Simply drop one of our exclusive seed cylinders (2 lbs.), No-melt Dough Cylinders or up to three Stackables® into the feeder, hang it, and watch your birds enjoy.

Our exclusively-formulated Seed Cylinders, No-melt Dough Cylinders and Stackables keep birds at the feeders longer because they have to work to remove seeds. So instead of birds swooping in, grabbing a bite and taking off, Seed Cylinders give you a few extra moments of enjoyment.

Dimensions: 15" x 8" diameter
Feeder height: 8¼"
Tube: 4½" diameter

Tidy Seed Cylinder


Tidy Seed Cylinder Color Options


Large Seed Cylinder Feeder

Large seed cylinder capacity, able to hold up to 72 oz. seed cylinder.

Large Seed Cylinder Feeder

Flying Start Feeder 

WBU Flying Start Combo Feeder: Our WBU Flying Start Combo Feeder is a great introductory feeder for Stackables™ or Cylinders.  These elegant little feeders come black and red and are able to accommodate three Stackables™ or one 2 lbs. Cylinder as well as any of our specialty cylinders. WBU Flying Start Combo Feeders can be hung almost anywhere including pole systems, hooks and decks and the specially designed large hook can accommodate tree branches. Available in red or black. 


Flying Start Feeder

Flyin' Bistro™ Cylinder Feeder

The Flyin’ Bistro™ Cylinder Feeder will offer the ultimate variety of food for your birds. Accommodates both large and small seed cylinders, Stackables®, no-melt cylinders, and seed characters. The dome is 12" in diameter to protect food from rain and snow, and the tray is 9" in diameter with small drainage holes. The feeder holds up to 1.5 cups of seed blend, Bark Butter® Bits, or mealworms. The center rod is equipped with a collar that can be adjusted to raise or lower the dome and features a pinch element to ensure the dome stays at a safe height. The dome and tray are powder-coated steel with UV protection. The remaining components are stainless steel.



WBU Suet Cylinder Feeder (Coming Soon!)

 Our Bird Food Cylinders are long-lasting and easy to use. But with our WBU Suet Cylinder Feeder, now it's even easier to attract suet-eating birds to your bird feeding station. Simply drop one of our exclusive No-Melt Suet Dough Cylinder into the powder coated metal feeder, hang it, and watch your birds enjoy. Bird food and hardware not included. This feeder has the capacity to hold one No-Melt Suet Dough Cylinder.

Dimensions: 9" x 5" diameter


WBU Suet Cylinder Feeder


Birdie Bell Feeder

The Birdie Bell is a secure, all-weather holder to offer your birds seed bells, fruit and nesting materials.  Just put the clip on the bottom of the feeder and place food or nesting materials in the bell. The Birdie Bell feeder is ideal for offering our WBU Cranberry Bell.


Birdie Bell Feeder


Seed Bell Hanger Feeder


Food Options for Cylinder, Stackable and Bell Feeders

Seed & Suet Cylinders and Stackables

Seasonal Foods

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